Secretary’s Message

St. Gandhi Residential High School is a place for a joyful existence. The mutual faith among the teachers and students has manifested in producing men and women of character, Great care has been taken to see that children enjoy a speed learning atmosphere and the other focus is to train the children as a responsible citizen.

To augment the effective learning process besides academics facilities such as smart class, thinkers forum, training on creating poetry, speeches, and theatre in school are regularly arranged.

Yoga, sports such as volleyball, badminton etc.
Regular spiritual addressing along with value-based education elevates the underlying philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi “The Future Depends On What You Do In Present”.
We are marching towards fulfilling the expectations of the parents and society by creating leaders.

Our endeavor has always been to train our children towards human excellence through four pillars- Dedication, Discipline, Determination, and Devotion combined with an easeful body, peaceful mind, and useful life as thought by Gabndhijee are practiced in mind and spirit making the school, a temple of learning.